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Are Dead Bolts Secure?

Deadbolt installation to most home doors is one of the finest solutions for secure premises. Though, are dead bolts really reliable? Can thieves still violate these systems and enter our homes?

One thing we all learn as we grow old and wiser is that nothing is impossible in this life. Therefore, all lock systems could be – theoretically speaking – broken by capable and well equipped intruders. So, the next question is what do we do to keep our properties secure?

Dead bolts can provide sufficient security

DeadboltThe truth is that there are many dead bolts on the market produced by different companies and each system works in similar, yet different ways. Some trust the mushroom pins for higher security and most people insist that security is not ensured merely with good lock installation. From this perspective, it’s certainly safe to say that door lock systems would mainly be the basis of your security measures and you definitely need more systems (alarm systems, light and motion detectors etc.) to ensure and reinforce security.

So, how do dead bolts work? Simply put, they have steel bolts which ought to extend to the door jamb and it’s best if they are reinforced with good strike plates in the frame of the door. If the dead lock does not have these characteristics or used properly, your security will be compromised.  It all comes down to the pins and diameter of the bolt as well as the materials used and extra features. Dead bolts are ideal for lock change because they are not simple locks like knobs but they ought to really secure the door and resist kicks and drills. For this reason, they ought to be of the highest quality materials and have long enough bolts to really secure at the door’s strike.

It’s best to choose the best possible brand and you can be sure that CT Locksmith can help you out. You must also take into consideration the lock grading system of official institutes and go with locks, which have been classified as the best ones for higher security. At the same time, you must give equal attention to the quality and strengths of strike plates. Instead of choosing plain two screw strike plates, it’s preferable to go with heavy gauge strike plates that have four long screws. The longest (usually 3 inches) the screws, the better! Long screws won’t only secure the strike plate on the door frame but also against the wall.

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