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Deadbolt Installation

All dead locks are considered extremely secure for the main entrances of residences and businesses and when they have a double cylinder, they actually become impenetrable. The experts of CT Locksmith in Seattle are very experienced with all types of dead bolt locks and they can suggest the best one for different entry points of your property. We can brief you about the recent products, explain the differences in their mechanism and complete deadbolt installation really fast.

Lock change is a demanding service, which requires great experience, appropriate tools and modern equipment, especially in large homes and enterprises with multiple entrances. The professionals of our business are the finest in Washington and our warehouses are full of the latest, high tech models of the greatest deadbolt locks on the market. We are experienced, methodical and meticulous and you can trust that we can install deadbolt locks of any type very fast.

It’s really crucial to replace the locks often and install the newest models possible; yet, in the meantime, you can enhance your security with other more inexpensive methods and our CT Locksmith teams can suggest various solutions. We can rekey deadbolt locks, inspect and repair them, so that you can be sure that your property is completely safe.

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