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Do You Worry about Home Door Locks?

Home Door LockThe industry of home security systems has made a tremendous leap forward and the new door locks are designed to offer greater safety and easier access. Some may argue that traditional style keys and locks did their job just fine but things are not quite as simple.
Where would we be today without electric garage door openers, modern appliances, airplanes, computers or antibiotics?

We build up our worlds step by step aiming at better days, easier lives and greater safety. This is the ultimate goal of the locksmith industry as well. No one would say that there won’t be flaws in new technologies but we have taught that learning from our mistakes will bring us one step ahead. Now, if you worry about your own home security door locks think the reason why and ask yourself.

  • When was the last time you had all home door and window locks replaced?
  • Do you maintain and repair them regularly?
  • Do you upgrade them?
  • Do you actually lock all entry points?

Trusting the new lock technologies

There is nothing to fear about new technologies. If you are intimated by them, it is natural. It happens every time we are called to adapt our lives to the new realities. These days, we are all connected with wireless systems and soon most machines, appliances, objects and, certainly, the locks of our house will communicate with each other and controlled by remote devices from afar. So, why worry about the locks when you can just arm and disarm them from your office, knowing who’s at your door with the new facial recognition software and having the chance to have full control.

Will these new systems be vulnerable? When your whole private world including the lock system will be based on fresh, smart technologies, there might be a possibility of security risks. One would righteously argue that hackers would have a field day not necessarily to enter your private zone but just to have some fun. You may arm the lock system and they may disarm it. These are certainly dangerous games. This new, open system of connectivity may leave room for strangers to know when your house is empty. Security systems are building up for our safety but they may have serious security breaches themselves.

Should we actually worry about our future home door locks? The truth is that there are already amazing systems on the market as the experts at CT Locksmith would tell you. Deadbolt installation can be controlled remotely and operated with fingertips. Actually some systems would allow programming up to fifty different fingertips or codes. If you really worry about your home security, lock change will do the job for today. As for tomorrow, think that hackers are not the only ones who will get smarter. Technology changes faster than anyone would ever imagine and will certainly open the doors for greater surveillance methods and ways to secure our homes.


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