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How to Avoid Lockouts

If you think the image of some people being locked out of their home is funny, try to step into their shoes and you would see how easily you can change your mind. Being locked out is not merely irritating, it is embarrassing, it can cost you in money and, most of all, it can be dangerous. Please mark that nothing of the above is funny! They are rather impossible situations in often impossible conditions since you would have to consider that someone might wait out in the freezing cold till CT Locksmith arrives or a newborn may be boiling in a locked car in a very hot summer day. Lockouts can cause: 

1. Despair if you are standing out of your locked car in a remote area.
2. Tragedy if someone young, weak or unable to unlock the door is locked in the car or inside a house.
3. Health problems if you are waiting in the cold.
4. Work problems if the office lockout caused the loss of a client or you missed an important business meeting.
5. Property damage if you were preparing for a bath or cooking a meal when the front door closed behind you. 

Time to put lockouts in the past 

No one can ever promise that you will never forget your keys again. At the same time, you cannot get rid of the anxiety of lockouts on the one hand and get a new anxiety about the ways to prevent them on the other hand either. The solution is easy since you only need to devote a few minutes to organize your thoughts and keys and make the right preparations, so that you will never find yourself in such an impossible situation of needing an emergency lockout. 

Key change. One common reason why many people experience lockouts so often is their old keys. In fact, one out of three cases is due to broken office keys or distorted house keys. Frequent key repair and replacement would ensure zero chance of having similar problems.

Make key duplicates. It’s nice to know there are more than one keys for your house or office in case you lose them or forget them at your mom’s home. So, make some duplicates. It would be very helpful if you would be locked inside your property, too. 

Keep keys everywhere. Keep your house and office keys in the car compartment if the vehicle is ensured in private garages. Keep house keys in the office and vice versa. It’s preferable to walk back for the transponder key in the office than having to replace it right away. 

Trust the keys to your friend. If you have a good friend living nearby and family, trust them with your keys. They can be your life saviors.

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