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How to Handle Common Lock Problems

lock problemsWhy let lock problems give you a headache and compromise security? Today, there are solutions, easy methods to deal with any issue and definitely excellent new security door locks. Do you need to replace them? If your basic problem is the quality of your current locks and you worry about your security, consider lock change. Between electronic and conventional dead bolts you will certainly find the ones you are looking for and you can get all the help you need from CT Locksmith Seattle. Though, the solution to lock problems is not always their replacement unless the mechanism is totally destroyed. So, check the locks, focus on the symptom and find the answers you are looking for.

Lock repair is the answer to most lock problems

Problems certainly vary in gravity, length and how easy it is to solve them. Yet, all problems that might compromise even slightly your security are serious ones and must be dealt with immediately. Remember that intruders only need one weak entry point in your house in order to break-in. Why let them?

  •  Are you trying to insert the key in the door locks and you’re failing to do it? Do you have a hard time rotating the key? The lock needs lubrication. Don’t forget that all locks are affected by the weather conditions and elements. Locks will freeze, get dirty and collected grime will make them stiff.
  •  Is the cylinder turning together with your key? It is possibly loosened up. If the setscrews which hold it in one place are loose, the cylinder will turn. So, they must be tightened.
  •  Are you trying to lock the door and the latch bolt finds the wall? There two possible scenarios. First, the door may be imbalanced. So, you need to check that it is in the right position and the hinges are tightened. Second, the strike plate is not aligned with the latch bolt. Check if a screw is missing and replace it. The strike plate must be secured against the door frame with long screws. If they are loose, they must be tightened, too.
  •  Did the key break in the lock? That’s natural with old keys. You will need key replacement but the current key must be extracted from the keyway as well.
  •  Is the doorknob loose? You just need to loosen the screws and turn the knob until it’s tighten before you tighten the screws again or you won’t be able to lock the door from inside. If it’s still loose, perhaps the door lockset needs replacement.


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