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lock rekeyToo many locksmiths are tireless in their determination to change out locks at every turn. CT Locksmith Seattle will cheerfully replace the locks on your home, on your automobile, or on your business if that is your desire. However, we won’t change them for our benefit; only for yours. Some locksmiths forget to inform their customers that there may be other options other than changing out the lock. If the lock is still in good shape another option does exist. We can rekey locks when the opportunity presents itself.

When we rekey locks all we are doing is altering the lock so that it will use a different key. This is often a sought after option when keys have been lost and you are afraid someone might try to use those keys to achieve entry to the said location. A simple key change will eradicate the problem. Another scenario where lock rekey services can be helpful is if a management person has left the business and did not return their key. You don’t need to get an entirely new lock, just change the keys.

The master key system in your home or business needs to be given strict attention. CT Locksmith Seattle will dispense first rate locksmith service that will leave you completely gratified. In reality there will be situations when the lock is not worth rekeying. Consequently, lock replacement will be the right way to go. Our experts have the know-how that is indispensible for this type of work. We are superbly trained and have the educated insight to affront any obstacle triumphantly. Don’t let someone talk you into new locks when we can rekey locks for a lot less.

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