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How to Secure Home Doors

Home DoorTaking the right measures to protect your home from burglaries is necessary but you must remember that your house is not a prison. You must choose products and methods prudently, make some rules at home but always keep in mind that the simple solutions are always the best.

Apparently, many intrusions are described as non-force entries simply because homeowners make the life of perpetrators easy and keep the doors unlocked. So, do yourself a favor and lock your doors day and night. What’s the point of deadbolt installation to every entrance if you are not going to use your keys! And remember: keys must not be left close to open windows or on the door.

The best ways to secure your home

There are certainly no fixed recipes since every home has its own special characteristics and, thus, special requirements but, as an overall, lock change is the rule to have a secure house according to CT Locksmith. Having good locks at all entrances, including the windows and sliding glass doors, is mandatory. In fact, having supplementary lock security systems installed is also necessary these days and you can also place surveillance cameras and extra lights in the perimeter of the house. Don’t forget that not all locks are the same and if the fire regulations at your home permit it, it’s even best to get dead bolts with double cylinders.

Think smart and take action

  • Don’t lose the forest for the trees! It’s important to have the best possible security locks but it’s equal significant to have good, stable doors, too. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to lock the door right, if wood is warped. So, get the best security doors without windows but with peep holes and, if possible, install a second door at the outer part of the entrance to make the life of intruders even harder with second door locks.
  • Many intruders choose garage doors to enter the house so apart from maintaining the garage entrance, make sure to double lock the door in between, too.
  • If you have a gate, make sure it is also locked and install CCTV systems at the entrance.
  • Why not put motion detectors at all entrances! It’s best to know if someone is gaining access into your house rather than to be caught by complete surprise.
  • Lock rekey is important when you move to new premises but remember to keep your house keys to yourself and not give them to kids or friends.
  • Securing the ground floor should be your first priority but do not underestimate the competences of intruders and cut off these tree branches outside your bedroom window or at least keep the window locked at all times.
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