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Pick and Rekey Locks

Rekey locks to prevent anyone’s old keys from operating the locks and build the cylinders in such a manner that only the newly distributed keys will operate the locks.

Master Key System

A master key system is a key plan whereby selected keys can open a number of pre-defined doors. It helps maintain better control and saves key replacement costs.

Duplicate Laser Keys

Keys that need a laser cutter will have their bitting on the side of the key. The most important thing to know about these cutters is that they do not, in any way, use a laser.

Cutting Keys by Code

Key codes refer to the numbers and characters that are used by professional locksmiths to fashion or remake keys. This is an integral part of the cutting process.

Keypad Lock

keypad lock allows to unlock the door by a code.

Alarm and Monitoring

offering the best alarm monitoring service.

Lock Replacement

Whenever you look for door lock replacement.

Lock Repair

Here is expert advice for repairing your lock.

Fresh Installation

A fresh installation will require cutting and drilling.

Any Lockout

CT Locksmith offers any lockout services.

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When you need the job done right, at an affordable price, call CT Locksmiths local locksmith services

Looking for a locksmith? No problem! CT Locksmith Seattle has been in business for many years. CT Locksmith was established because of the increasing need for a quick and professional customer service for Seattle and the surrounding area in the locksmith industry for houses, cars, security and any locksmith service.

Don't let broken or defective keys make you late for your important meeting! Lost your keys? No problem. Pick up the phone and we are already on our way to help you out. You can stay relaxed, we have a team of specialists and one of them will be there to assist you ASAP.

CT Locksmith provides 24 hour emergency locksmith solutions for cars, private homes and commercial locksmith services for corporations in small communities and metropolitan areas alike. We also provide auto locksmith services for car lockout emergencies. All of our security expert technicians are licensed insured and backed by a national service provider with a strong brand name.

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