High Security Locks

High Security Locks Seattle

To begin with, need extra security for your business or home? You know the guys to call. CT Locksmith is on at (206) 701-6306.

So what are high-security locks, and what makes them different from regular ones?

Security locks are the highest form of security your home, business, or industrial outlet can have for protection.

Seattle, WA, is a bustling city, and bad guys are hiding out in plain sight, looking to vandalize weak locks when owners are away. If you have never suffered a break-in or had a lock compromise, you underrate security.

Why you need a high-security locksmith service?

After a break-in or robbery, homeowners and business people quickly look for solutions to ramp up their security. Robbers are very canny individuals. When a home or business outlet is a successful hit, they tend to come again and again until it is no more convenient.

In such cases, call a CT Locksmith at (206) 701-6306 to have your property fitted with high-security locks. Our locksmiths have an excellent understanding of how the lock mechanism works and will provide you with a high-quality one. A high-security lock makes it hard for robbers to break or bypass the locks, securing your home and business.

Our high-security locks service?

CT locksmith offers premium quality brand high-security locks for customers looking to upgrade their security. Our high-security locks are available for all residents. Additionally, the most preferred high-security locksmith service is a locks change than a rekey.

What makes a high-security lock worth the value?

Honestly, every lock has its weakness, some more even than others. However, it is better to know that a lock cannot be easily smashed in, pounded, drilled, or picked. These are why high-security locks are worth it.

  • They are made with hard steel and resistant to immense pressure and hard for robber overcomes, therefore not worthy of your time.
  • It is drill and picks resistant – one of the fastest ways an intruder gets into your home is by picking or drilling the lock. That is actually the weak point for most locks.
  • High-security locks have anti-snap or anti-bump features that prevent intruders from easily picking the pins in the lock mechanism. The cylinders are made with hardened steel resistant to drilling, breaking, and any forced entry.
  • The keys are DND – unlike regular DND that can be copied, these locks are genuine DO not Duplicate. A copied key can destroy the lock making it useless. Most companies offering these types of locks offer a restricted key system disallowing locksmiths from duplicating the key. So if you lose, misplace, or got your key stolen, you must contact the company for another one.
  • Also, most keys that come with high-security locks have a unique cut pattern and require highly specialized cutting machines to truly make an exact copy.

A high-security lock will budge at some point with constant pressure, but no intruder will want to take that chance. This makes them suitable for all-purpose where security is vital.

Do you need more information about these locks? Are you looking for a qualified locksmith in the Seattle, WA area? Search no more, as CT Locksmith is the guy with all the answers. Call them at (206) 701-6306.