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Well, let us handle all your lock problem with professional service in the Mercer Island, WA area. Our services are unique, exclusive and use high-quality materials because your safety is all that truly matters.


Our Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith

if you just moved, have worn-out locks, or faulty locks, you need to change them. Your home is your safe place, and you need the security to safeguard your property and your family all day long.
Residential Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

your business is an investment that should be protected at all costs. There is no reason to use your profits to pay security guards when you can hire a CT Locksmith service to upgrade the locks and key your space safe and secure.
Commercial Locksmith

Automotive Locksmith

we love cars and know how to fix the locks and keys of cars. Whether you are locked out or need a rekey, duplication, or reprogramming, you have a skilled team at CT Locksmith.
Automotive Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith

every call for a lock or key problem is an emergency. Our emergency locksmith services operate 24/7 throughout the years, even on holidays. To get to us, call (206) 701-6306 now.
Emergency Locksmith

High-Security Lock

If you need to upgrade the security of your premises, high-security locks are the best way to that, and never worry about your loved ones or belongings.
High-Security LockS

Industrial Locksmith

many large companies are situated away from people. While this is a good thing, it gives intruders a field day breaking into your premises unaided. To ensure that your premises are protected, an industrial locksmith will offer all the solutions your need.
Industrial Locksmith

Locksmith in Mercer Island, WA, starts with CT Locksmith.

Car Key Replacement

when your car key is stolen, missing, or damaged, we can help. Finding an automotive locksmith that can replicate your car key is crucial, and we can do it perfectly.
Car Key Replacement

Locksmiths Near Me

when looking for a locksmith near me, they must live in the same vicinity as you or around the place. A locksmith near you is a neighborhood business serving the community and ensuring they are safe and secure. Locksmith near me caters to everything from residential to commercial, automotive, and many more.
Locksmiths Near Me

House Lockout Service

if you are in a house lockout situation, we know it can be frustrating and annoying. However, getting a skilled locksmith in Mercer Island is tricky, but one name comes to mind. Call CT locksmith at (206) 701-6306 for a fast, affordable, and reliable locksmith to get you out of lock trouble
House Lockout Service

Lock Change Service

if your locks are faulty, noisy, old, and shaky, call CT Locksmith right now. They help you to change the locks whether at your home, office or a business place. Our lock change locksmith will first access the locks and decide if you need a total or partial change.
Lock Change Service

Car Lockout Service

this is similar to our house lockout service but with cars. This service caters to customers who lost their key or have it locked in their cars and cannot get in. this is an annoying event, but CT Locksmith service can help you within the hours. Call them at (206) 701-6306 now.
Car Lockout Service

Lock Rekey Service

if the lock is okay, but the key is faulty, a rekey is needed. This is a cost-effective way to boost security without breaking the bank. Rekeying allows the locksmith to change the inner configuration and create a new key without wasting money.
Lock Rekey Service

If you are here, you need a heads up about locks and keys because we are your locks expert providing great service. Your security starts from your locks.

If the locks are updated, you will sleep easy knowing your business, home, and loved ones are safe. If it is not, you worry endlessly, thinking of the negative things that could happen.

If you reside or operate a business in the Mercer Island, WA area or surroundings, it is time you got in contact with us. We are the only lock and key specialist that handles your lock problem before it gets out of hand.

Need more information about how we can help boost your home and business security levels? We will love to hear from you, so send us an email at service@ct-locksmith-seattle.com or call (206) 701-6306.

Well, this is about what we do, but we do other minor lock jobs like window locks, cabinets, office cabinets, and more. If it has a lock or uses a key, we are the guys to call in Mercer Island, WA. For more information, call (206) 701-6306 or send us an email at service@ct-locksmith-seattle.com.

What to do in a
lock or key problems?

We bet you have heard it a million times, but we will repeat it. When you lose, misplace, or have your keys stolen, do not panic. Yes, panicking is the right emotion for many people.  However, you must stay calm, catch your breath as soon as possible, and start thinking. Do you know that the average American loses their car or house keys twice a week? That is way too much, but it happens. Keys are small, sleek, and easily forgettable.

When You Find Yourself in a Lock or Key Problem, Do the Following

Stay calm and inform the person next to you, a neighbor or a colleague of your predicament.

If the missing key is your house keys, contact your landlord if you stay in a rental or find the spare.

If you do not have a spare, call a friend or camp at a neighbor while you think about the next step.

Take your time to check your personal and personal belongings if you have the key.

Remain calm as your try to find the key

If you cannot find the key after the above, call CT locksmith at (206) 701-6306.

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More of Our Services:


A professionally trained locksmith with a certified team located in the heart of Mercer Island, WA, is CT Locksmith. Since our day of simple locks and key service, we have served the Mercer Island area and surrounding, ensuring they are safe whether at home, office, or business place. Our job is no different from the hundreds of locksmiths that litter the city space of Mercer Island, but we do it differently. We understand what the customers want and build a reputable locksmith service on that foundation. 

Today many businesses rely on us to safeguard their investments and loved ones, and we are happy to do exceptional jobs as Mercer Island residents seem to call us and refer us to more people. We cannot work without a team of competent and dedicated individuals. They are the backbone of our business, and we cannot do without them. Our locksmiths are from within Mercer Island and the surrounding areas. As a local locksmith company, we are all about adding value to the community. We do this by ensuring that our services are unique and meet the customers’ demands. We also safeguard their properties and businesses.

CT Locksmith

Even though locksmiths are not required to register to set up a Mercer Island, WA, we have taken a firm initiative to register our locksmith company with all necessary bodies within the states and country. This has set us above the rest because today, CT Locksmith is insured, bonded, and certified y various locksmith associations in the country. You can find us on the Better Business Bureau and ALOA. Additionally, your security starts with us. With that said, all locksmiths working with us are thoroughly checked and vetted by a police standard of having no negative records that could put you in danger. Furthermore, as a local locksmith, we have employed young, talented, and skilled young men and women from around Mercer Island and surrounding regions to work for us.

CT Locksmith is all about adding value to society by using high-quality materials to service our customers. The service would be nothing without the appropriate training. Whether online or offline, our locksmiths partake in several locksmith courses to boost their skillset and perfect their locksmithing techniques. Finally, we have the tools and equipment to ensure each job is done right. Whether we are cutting keys, fixing locks, rekeying, or duplicating, we have all it takes.

Locksmith in Mercer Island, WA, starts with CT Locksmith. If you need our service, call (206) 701-6306 or send us an email at service@ct-locksmith-seattle.com for more information.

Why Choose Us

When choosing a locksmith, there are simple things you must watch out for so that you are not scammed. If you want a reason to choose us: it is because our service guarantees your safety and peace of mind.

Your locks give your access to your home and do the same for strangers. However, if you are looking to limit access to friends and family alone, you need a professional locksmith that does that well.

Here at CT Locksmith, we possess decades of experience and have locked down our crafts with the right skills and expertise to handle any lock and key problems. Whether you want high-security, commercial, industrial, residential, and everything in between, we are your lock guys. If security matters, you are our perfect candidate.

There is absolutely no lock we cannot handle because we take our time to improve our skills on both old fashion locksmith techniques blended in with modern tools and machines.

This has allowed us to deliver impeccable service beyond what our customers expect. Our priority is locks, keys, and security, ensuring that you, your loved ones, personal belongings are secure.

But, we offer other services too. Please do well to read about our service on our service page.

We think customer first before anything else. Their needs and wants and how it suits your current needs are questions that must be answered before we forge ahead.

Our prices are competitive not because we are good, but we believe your security should not break the bank.

We have a locksmith for every type of request our clients need. For example, if you call with an automotive need, we will send down one that will deliver excellently without mistake.

We are skillful with our hands and work efficiently, so we will never keep you waiting longer than necessary.

You could take advantage of our emergency service for all your lock and key problem by calling us at (206) 701-6306 now.

If you need any more information about CT Locksmith in Mercer Island, WA, do not hesitate to email us at service@ct-locksmith-seattle.com.

Any Lock Can Be Opened


We are always happy to hear from our customers. Whether it is for a service, feedback, or general comment, we want to say a massive thank you for working with us. For emergency needs: Call (206) 701-6306, and our customer agent we answer you immediately. Our emergency lines are open throughout the day and night, and we have a locksmith ready to meet you anywhere.

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(206) 701-6306

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Mercer Island, WA

Special Requests

Do you have a unique proposal about locks and security that requires our attention?

Call (206) 701-6306 or send us an email at


We will send a reply within 24 hours.

Please do not send an email during an emergency. We will not be held liable for not answering you immediately. Call us, please.

We are available 24/7, 365 days, even on holidays.

Fill out the contact form if you have something vital to discuss with us.

We do Car Key Replacement For All Major Brands

Are you still here?

There are countless locksmiths in the Mercer Island area but finding a certified locksmith is a task most people cannot afford. Are you in a lock and key situation? Do you need quick help from a skilled locksmith? Call (206) 701-6306 whenever you need a friendly, affordable, and skilled locksmith. We promise to exceed your expectations and make you feel calm regardless of the time – day or night. For more information, send us an email at service@ct-locksmith-seattle.com.

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