Frequently Asked Questions


We try to go as far as possible to help as many people in the Seattle area. However, customers should know that the farther the location, the more charge they incur to cover the travel cost. Our fees for the locksmith service remain the same and are determined by the problem we meet on the ground on arrival. For example, if a broken key in a lock was the problem, it is affordable.

However, if the lock has an issue after close supervision, it will cost you more to fix both locks and keys. Call (206) 701-6306 now.

Yes, you have, and it is compulsory because if anything goes wrong, the locksmith is held accountable for not dealing with the issue professionally. With that in mind, customers should know that it is essential for them to provide a valid identification means that certify their ownership of the car or house during a house lockout service.

If your ID is locked in your car or house, get a neighbor or colleague to vet you. For more information, call (206) 701-6306.

When a call about a car or house lockout arrives at our office, we expect the owners should have the necessary documents to prove their ownership. At CT Locksmith, the following are needed.

A valid driver’s license with the address matching that of your house address in a house lockout or car lockout

A utility bill with the address clearly written on it showing the address to prove ownership of the house

If these are absent or present in the house, the homeowner must present these documents to the locksmith to identify them before leaving. Any discrepancies and the locksmith will alert the police for further investigation.

A VIN or vehicle identification number is a unique serial digit that identifies a car.

You could say it is the car’s fingerprints, and no two cars have the same VIN. When calling in for an automotive locksmith, the locksmith will request your VIN number, it is important if the locksmith must recreate a car key replacement without the original. The Vehicle identification number is situated on the driver’s side on a metal plate on the dashboard or side door. Like every good locksmith, CT Locksmith will also request your car registration and ID before a lock change, rekey, or replacement.

Buying or moving into a new property is a dream come true and an investment that must be secure and move-in ready. A house is just a building, but a home is a place of rest and togetherness. This peace is shattered when the security system is compromised. One piece of advice we give to all customers is this. Whether you are moving, buying, or building a home choose locks that secure the home, belongings, and loved ones.

Usually, keys marked Do Not Duplicate are illegal to duplicate and unlawful for locksmiths to copy. However, if you can get a letter of authorization from the owner of the key, like in a landlord or the supervisor of the building.

On second thought, most Do Not Duplicate must have been used by several other tenants, especially if it is a rented apartment. So the best suggestion is to rekey your locks if the hardware is still intact or change the lock if the hardware is old, worn-out, or needs a security upgrade. This way, you have the right to ditch the old DND key for something new.

Locks and security systems have evolved from where they were 50 years ago. Now we have specialized locks used for different purposes, including smart systems capable of recognizing and limiting access of unwanted people. The access control system is a high-security smart system that allows specific people through the doors without a key.

They are smart and used in houses or office buildings. This limits strangers, and you are sure of your safety.

House lockouts are a common occurrence in many areas of the country, and Seattle is no different. If you find yourself in a house lockout because of a missing or lost key, stay calm and find the spare.

If the key was stolen and you fear that your home might be compromised, call the locksmiths at CT Locksmith for a lock rekey or lock change as the case may be. Regardless of the reasons for a house lockout, stay calm. Do not attempt to drill or hammer the locks. You might attract unwanted attention and the police too. Call (206) 701-6306.

Well, fortunately, scammers are everywhere, even in a delicate craft like locksmithing. Use the following to nab a scam locksmith, and remember to call the police immediately if you suspect anything.

 The locksmith gives a price but changes it on arrival, sighting flimsy excuses.

They go straight into hacking or drilling your locks with any viable option as opening the door without damage.

They look for ways to add more expenses to the original cost

They are not dressed in their company’s uniform and have no ID to validate their person or company.

They are all about giving a bonanza or freebie for an extra service

 Overall, before you hire a locksmith in the Seattle area, check them out at the BBB, Better Business Bureau, or their Google my Business page.

If it has to do with locks and security, we are game. At CT Locksmith, we are all about providing the best service for you, your family, and your business. We are open to large projects too. You can call us on (206) 701-6306 or send us an email at We are expecting you.