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Commercial Locksmith Seattle

Business security problems call (206) 701-6306, now for a skilled commercial locksmith at your business premises.

Every business, small or big needs security. Security is fundamental because it is your investment at stake. However, commercial buildings attract unwanted predators that want to take what you have worked so hard for. They stalk your building and pinpoint security weaknesses to infiltrate your property.

You can stop them with CT Locksmith. Never leave your business to chance; it is not a risk worth taking.

On the other hand, you could be locked out of your office and really need to get inside. While the thought of breaking the door or window is an option, it will cost you more to get them fixed.

Whether you are looking to fix the lapses in your security or trying to get into your business and start the day, CT Locksmith is the team to call.

Why choose us?

We work with skilled and trained locksmiths that know the terrain in and around Washington. Hence we provide unique solutions that work so well, no intruder would dare break again.

Your safety is our priority, and we will only offer commercial solutions to our clients.

Our commercial services are?

 Rekey service – there are several doors in a commercial building that must be protected whether they serve heavy traffic or not. A rekey service allows our locksmith to create a single key that works for all locks without spending money changing a perfect lock.

Key duplication – is another exceptional service we offer to commercial outlets. Duplication allows businesses to get more than one key. So if you have a business partner, you do not have to worry about sharing a key. Duplication is also a service for businesses that have lost or misplaced their key. Either way, we make a key so that your business is safe any time of the day.

Installing new locks – aside from rekeying, we offer high-quality installation for commercial outlets. 

Installation works for businesses that need to change the locks of their establishment or are just starting a business and need ample security to cover the complete basis. CT Locksmith partners with lock manufacturing companies to offer our commercial clients only quality locks to meet their security needs.

Repair and maintain locks – commercial locks are massive and most times miss a maintenance date. This makes them rusty and difficult to turn. We offer our clients a cleaning service to enable them to continue using their locks instead of rekeying, changing, or installing a new one.

Why do you need a commercial locksmith?

Your locks were compromised, and you fear another attack is imminent. This is a reason to install, change or rekey the locks.

Your front door security is lagging, and you need an upgrade. We are the guy for you. We will offer an array of locks to meet your security needs.

Your employees are locked out, and work is stalling – this is an emergency service, and we are glad to help you open the door to start your business.

You need extra keys or a master key because you keep losing the original keys.

Well, commercial locksmith offers lots of services, and we are the best in Seattle, WA, offering spectacular locksmithing service by a professionally skilled hand.

For more information, call (206) 701-6306 now.