Lock Rekey Service

Lock Rekey Service Seattle

To begin with, Rekeying – changing the key without the lock

A lock rekey service confuses many people, but we will try to explain it in this section as best as possible.

Do you know that just because your keys are not working does not mean the lock is faulty? Yes. You heard us right. Locks and keys are metallic components that wear and tear as metal rubs off against metal. This sometimes causes the key to weaken and the lock to become stiff.

So what is the solution? A lock rekey service is the solution, especially for people who cannot afford a new lockset. Rekeying is effective, fast, and affordable.

Now that you know about lock rekeying, you need a credible locksmith to handle the process. If you live in Seattle, WA, you might want to check out CT Locksmith. They are trained, licensed, and reliable.

What is rekeying?

A lock rekey is often time mistaken for a lock change. Although the lock comes into play in these two services, they are different. A lock rekey is a process whereby the locksmith changes the pin configuration of the lock and produces new keys.

So how often should I do a lock rekey?

In addition, some key experts call for a lock rekey every 1 – 2 years because of the wear and tear process. While this looks like a tedious process, a good locksmith will do it in minutes.

Now, remember after a rekey, all old keys to the former locks are now useless.

Why do you need a rekey?

  • Someone stole your keys or misplaced
  • You just moved into a new apartment or house and need to ramp up security
  • You are passing through a bitter divorce and need the extra protection
  • Your key has passed through many hands
  • You need more privacy
  • Someone obstructs your home or business

Furthermore, at CT Locksmith, we suggest that all our customers get a rekey done if they share a key with other people. If you had a roommate that left without dropping her keys, you need a rekey. Some people have asked if they can DND a key. While that is good and a reliable locksmith will not duplicate it, there are easy ways to make a key with a few tools.

When rekeying a lock, you could, as the locksmith to make a restricted key for you. As part of the locksmith code of honor, it will not be duplicated by a legal locksmith without permission from the original creator.

Rekeying a lock has its benefits and disadvantages. One of the main advantages is affordability and effectiveness. Do you need a locksmith to rekey service in Seattle, WA? Well, CT Locksmith offers exclusive rekey service from simple locks to high-security locks. If the rekey process is an emergency, call us at (206) 701-6306. Our team is vetted, trained, reliable and professional. Need more information on the lock to rekey at CT Locksmith, send us an email at service@ct-locksmith-seattle.com.