Locks Change Service

Locks Change Service Seattle

Changing locks happens for several reasons – some more personal than others, but the ulterior motive for a lock change service is to improve the security around your home or office. Did someone hack into your home, or did the keys break or misplaced? Is the lock old, shaky, and worn out? You need a lock change, and we can help.

Lock changes are expensive, no doubt, but your security is worth the investment. Whether you just moved into a new home, office or need a change, we are the locksmith to make that happen.

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Now, remember that in a lock change, two things happen. The entire lock change that is hardware and lock cylinder or just the lock mechanism is changed. At CT Locksmith Seattle, we have an extensive array of locks. They include restricted key locks, high-security locks, deadbolts, and latches from renowned and trusted brands to satisfy our customer’s needs.

When to do a lock change?

When we insist on a lock change for a customer, we do so because it is right. Some people rather rekey and locksmiths are not the type to impose. We worry about security and will never compromise your safety, family, or business. When you move apartments or houses, change the locks. This is a must for all movers. When someone compromises your locks or robs your home, change your locks, and there are no two ways about this.

When you have rekeyed the lock one too many times, it is time for a change and finally, if you want to upgrade, change the lock.

Yes, installing a whole new set is expensive, but your life is worth more than the stress a faulty lock brings to you. In summary, change your lock in the following events.

  • Getting a divorce
  • When you can’t repair a lock
  • Somone compromises the lock
  • A break-in damages the lock
  • You need better security
  • Your home just underwent some construction or renovation work.

When it comes to installing new locks in Seattle for residents, commercial and automotive units, CT Locksmith is the reliable team to contact. We will assist you to boost your security system in your house, business and office by using high-quality locks and credible locksmiths.

Other factors that can influence a lock change: Locks Change Service

Weather changes – if you live in extreme weather conditions, the fluctuating changes in temperature and humidity can affect the lock causing it to not function properly. Therefore, by forcing the key, you can damage the lock.

Using an unqualified locksmith – your keys are as important as the lock, and each key has specific markings that distinguish them from the next. 

If your keys are faulty, choose a reliable locksmith with the right tools. A badly cut key can cause potential damage to the lock.

Lack of proper maintenance – high-security locks need regular maintenance to work efficiently. If a locksmith installs a premium lock for you, that locksmith should maintain them at least once or twice a year. At CT Locksmith Seattle, we follow up with our customers when a lock change is installed.

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